Training School 2018 :: Pitches and Posters

Training School
16-20 April 2018
Azores, Portugal
Training School Cryptacus Azores 2018

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Pitches and Poster Session

Monday, April 16 at 15h00
  • Thomas Vandenabeele, “Sub-Threshold Design for Ultra Low-Power Cryptographic Circuits: Ongoing Research and Future Challenges
  • Jori Winderickx, Dave Singelee and Nele Mentens, “HeComm: end-to-end secured communication in a heterogeneous IoT environment via fog computing
  • Paulo Martins, “Arithmetic and Algorithms for Emerging Cryptography
  • Ko Stoffelen, “Mixing Layers in Symmetric Crypto
  • Constantinos Kapetanios, Efthimios Alepis and Constantinos Patsakis, “Abusing Metadata in Android
  • Diogo Barradas, Nuno Santos and Luís Rodrigues, “Effective Detection of Multimedia Protocol Tunneling using Machine Learning
  • Danilo Šijačić, Josep Balasch, Bohan Yang and Ingrid Verbauwhede, “Towards Efficient and Reliable Side Channel Evaluations at Design Time
Monday, April 16 at 16h30
  • Thierry Simon, “A Simple Fault Detecting Permutation
  • Cesar Pereida Garcia, “YACHT: Yet Another CacHe Timing Attack
  • Nicola Tuveri and Billy Brumley, “OpenSSL ENGINEs as a research platform
  • Pedro Maat Massolino and Lejla Batina, “Hardware multiplier accumulator for SIDH protocol
  • Thom Wiggers, “Attacking LPN Using Large Covering Codes
  • Matthias J. Kannwischer, “Differential Power Analysis of XMSS and SPHINCS
  • Thomas Schamberger, “Power Analysis of NTRUEncrypt on ARM Cortex-M4
Wednesday, April 18 at 15h00
  • David Cerdeira and Henrique Santos, “Security Assurance of an In-Vehicle HMI Manager
  • Michael Gruber, “Localized Optical Fault Attacks using Low Cost Equipment
  • Sohaib Ul Hassan, “Reverse Engineering real world ECDSA through physical side-channels
  • Joakim Brorsson, “GroupIS, Group Consistency and Information Sharing in Dynamic Autonomous Systems
  • Illya Gerasymchuk, “TLS For IoT
  • Stanislav Jerabek, Jan Schmidt and Martin Novotny, “Dummy rounds DPA countermeasure
  • Sophie Dramé-Maigné and Maryline Laurent, “Using the blockchain for key management in the Internet of Things
  • Miroslav Dimitrov, Tsonka Baicheva and Georgi Ivanov, “Implementation of RSA Attack Using 2-Dimensional Lattices by Constructing Hypotheses of Keys With Low Hamming Weight
  • Wojciech Wodo, “Security mechanisms in the service of mobile banking
Wednesday, April 18 at 16h30
  • Alexander Nilsson, “Side-Channel Attacks on Post-Quantum Cryptographic Software Implementations
  • Mridula Singh, Patrick Leu and Srdjan Capkun, “UWB with Pulse Reordering: Securing Ranging against Relay and Physical Layer Attacks
  • Erik Mårtensson, “Post-Quantum Cryptanalysis of Lattice-based and Code-based Cryptosystems
  • Jing Yang, Thomas Johansson and Paul Stankovski, “Security in the Next Generation Network
  • Pegah Nikbakht Bideh, Martin Hell and Martin Höst, “Vulnerability Management Maturity Model
  • Jonathan Sönnerup, “On the Topic of IoT Security
  • João Carlos Resende and Ricardo Chaves, “Folded AES arquitrecture for Encryption and Authentication Schemes
  • Ricardo Maçãs, Ricardo Chaves and Gonçalo Tavares, “Evaluating signal processing techniques in side-channel electromagnetic attacks to cryptographic systems
  • Franklin Leukam, Paul Lajoie-Mazenc and Maryline Laurent, “Personal Data Protection in Energy Services – Survey

Extended Abstracts

All accepted extended abstracts can be found at the following link: CRYPTACUS_2018.