Action & Working Groups Chairs

Action Chairs

Function Name
Chair of the Action Gildas AVOINE
Vice-Chair of the Action Julio HERNANDEZ-CASTRO
Science Officer of the Action Luule MIZERA
Administrative Officer of the Action Andrea TORTAJADA
Grant Holder Manager Isabelle MESGUEN

Management Committee Core Group

Function Name
Management Committee Chair Gildas AVOINE
Management Committee Vice-Chair Julio HERNANDEZ-CASTRO
Scientific Committee Chair Bart PRENEEL
Policy Enforcement Committee Katarina MITROKOTSA
WG1 Leader Serge VAUDENAY
WG2 Leader Andrey BOGDANOV
WG3 Leader Lejla BATINA
WG4 Leader Flavio GARCIA

Management Committee Affiliates

Function Name
WG1 Vice-Leader Frederik ARMKNECHT
WG2 Vice-Leader Miroslaw KUTYLOWSKI
WG3 Vice-Leader Ricardo CHAVES
WG4 Vice-Leader Alex BIRYUKOV
Website Manager Pascal JUNOD