Working Groups

WG1: Security and Privacy Models

This working group will investigate how existing security and privacy models might be extended to consider distributed settings (e.g., authentication server, database) and real-world conditions (e.g., physical noise in the communication channel). A taxonomy of models will be considered and WG1 will also use insights from attacks studied in other WGs. In particular, the Action Participants involved in this WG will consider the possibility to introduce side-channel attacks in the security and privacy models. The outcome of the WG may lead to a privacy certification scheme suited to ubiquitous computing systems.

  • WG1 Leader: Prof. Serge VAUDENAY, Switzerland
  • WG1 Vice-Leader: Prof. Frederic ARMKNECHT, Germany

WG2: Cryptanalysis of Protocols and Primitives

WG2 will develop recommendations and assessment processes for the design of protocols and primitives for different devices (e.g., passive, active, semi-active RFID tags, sensors) that are usually employed in ubiquitous computing systems. These guidelines will be helpful for practitioners as well as researchers for the subsequent development of reliable and provably secure communication protocols resilient to attacks that have already been identified.

  • WG2 Leader: Dr. Andrey BOGDANOV, Denmark
  • WG2 Vice-Leader: Prof. Miroslaw KUTYLOWSKI, Poland

WG3: Hardware and Software Security Engineering

WG3 will develop methodologies in the field of hardware and software engineering to specifically attack embedded devices in ubiquitous computing systems. These methodologies will come along 3 software tools for side-channel attacks and reverse-engineering. WG3 will also address the privacy question and provide a process framework to extract and exploit personal data leaking from a ubiquitous computing systems. WG3 will eventually serve as an input for the design of new protected mechanisms.

  • WG3 Leader: Prof. Lejla BATINA, The Netherlands
  • WG3 Vice-Leader: Prof. Ricardo CHAVES, Portugal

WG4: Security and Privacy Analysis of Real-World Systems

WG4 will have a short-term and practical impact. In particular, WG4 will (1) provide companies with helpful recommendations for attack mitigation, (2) challenge WG1, WG2, and WG3 with experimental results, in order to make models, tools, and methods better fitted to the real-world, and (3) raise the awareness of citizens, because users themselves can significantly reduce the risks when they are aware of the security and privacy issues.

  • WG4 Leader: Dr. Flavio GARCIA, United Kingdom
  • WG4 Vice-Leader: Prof. Alex BIRYUKOV, Luxembourg