Working Groups

WG1: Security and Privacy Models

The Working Group 1 will investigate how existing security and privacy models might be extended to consider distributed settings (e.g., authentication server, database) and real-world conditions (e.g., physical noise in the communication channel).

WG2: Cryptanalysis of Protocols and Primitives

The Working Group 2 will develop recommendations and assessment processes for the design of protocols and primitives for different devices (e.g., passive, active, semi-active RFID tags, sensors) that are usually employed in ubiquitous computing systems.

WG3: Hardware and Software Security Engineering

The Working Group 3 will develop methodologies in the field of hardware and software engineering to specifically attack embedded devices in ubiquitous computing systems.

WG4: Security and Privacy Analysis of Real-World Systems

The Working Group 4 will provide companies with helpful recommendations for attack mitigation, challenge WG1, WG2, and WG3 with experimental results, in order to make models, tools, and methods better fitted to the real-world, and raise the awareness of citizens.